Word Processors

Word Processors



Definition of a Word- processor

Purpose of word processing eg Letter preparation, Reports, Newsletters

Using a Word processing package

  • Screen layout
  • Running the programme
i) creating a document
ii) saving
iii) retrieving
iv) closing
v) exiting
  • Editing and formatting a document
  • Editing a document
  • Block Options
i) selecting
ii) moving
iii) copying
iv) deleting
v) inserting and type over
  • Find and Replace
i) search/find
ii) replace
  • Proof-Reading
i) spelling and grammar checking
ii) thesaurus
iii) auto-correct
iv) undo and redo
  • Formatting a document
a) Text formatting
i) bolding
ii) italicizing
iii) underlining
iv) fonts
v) drop caps
vi) change case
vii) superscript l subscript
b) Paragraph Formatting
i) alignment
ii) indenting
iii) spacing
iv) section breaks
v) bullets and numbering
c) Page Formatting
  • Layout
i) columns
ii) headers/footers
  • Setup
i) margins
ii) orientations
iii) paper size
iv) tabs
Creating and Editing a Table
  • Create a table
i) rows
ii) columns
  • enter data
  • Editing Tables
i) resizing rows/columns
ii) inserting rows/columns
iii) deleting rows/columns
iv) merging rows/columns
v) splitting rows/columns
  • Formatting tables
i) borders
ii) shading
  • Table conversions
i) converting text to table
ii) converting tables to text
iii) importing
  • Arithmetic calculations i) perform calculation ii) insert formulae
  • Sorting
  • Sorting Creating and updating a mail merge document
  • Creating main document 1) form letters
ii) labels
iii) envelopes
  • Create/import data source
i) editing
ii) saving
  • Merging fields
  • Main and data source to i) printer or
ii) new window or
iii) fax or
iv) e-mail
  • Updating merged document
  • Printing a document
  • printer setup
  • print preview
  • print option
  • Printer selection
  • Orientation
  • Page and copies
  • Printing
  • Inserting Graphics
  • Types of graphics
i) drawing
ii) pictures
ii) charts
  • Inserting
i) importing
ii) drawing
  • Editing graphical objects
i) updating
ii) resizing
iii) enhance