5. Creating documents using a word processor

Creating documents using a word processor- Microsoft Office 2010


Creating documents with word processors requires your computer to be installed with a word processor application software. There are numerous word processors available either for free or on purchase. However all these software come while packed in either CDs or DVDs such as the one shown right:
There are various applications in each CD which can only be used after installed in the computer.

// In my notes, my explanations will feature Microsoft Office 2010 in relation to Windows 07

Starting Microsoft Office 2010

There are two ways to start Microsoft Word with Windows07

A. Using the Search tool

  1. On the task bar, Click on the start button.
  2. On the search text box at the start menu type this command "winword.exe"
  3. Click on the search result available to start Microsoft Word 2010
opening msword 2010 with search tool

B. Using Programs Menu

  1. On the task bar, Click on the start button.
  2. Point to all programs option to open - all programs menu
  3. Point and click on Microsoft Office folder
  4. Choose Microsoft Word 2010

office 2010Microsoft Office 2010

office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007

open office

Open Office

word perfect

Word Perfect