Review Questions - Flowcharts

Review Questions - Flowcharts

  1. State the factors you would consider when

    1. Writing a pseudocode

    2. Drawing a flowchart

  2. Using illustrations, explain at least six symbols used in flowchart design

  3. Give one advantage of pseudocodes over flowcharts

  4. Draw a flowchart that would be used to classify animals according to sex. If a letter M is input, the program should display 'male' otherwise it should display 'female'

  5. Write a pseudocode for a program that would be used to solve the equation E = MC2

  6. Define the term algorithm

  7. State two ways of developing algorithm

  8. What is a Pseudocode?

  9. Give one example of a pseudocode

  10. With the help of illustration, explain the term flowchart

  11. Produce a structure chart and a pseudocode fro the following problem:

  • A company bills its customers on the last day of every month. If the bill is paid before the start of the second week of the next month, the customer is given a 5% discount. If the account is settled after the second week but before the last week, the customer is charged the amount of the bill. Any payments after the beginning of the last week are charged an interest of 5%. A report is required to show each customer's bill and what is actually paid.