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Computers have many advantages over other types of office and business equipments that are used for data processing functions. Some of the advantages are:

1) Computers process data faster:

The processing speed of a computer when measured against other devices like typewriters & calculators is far much higher.

2) Computers are more accurate & reliable:

Computers produce more accurate results as long as the correct instructions & data are entered. They also have the ability to handle numbers with many decimal places.

3) Computers are more efficient:

A computer requires less effort to process data as compared to human beings or other machines.

4) Computers can quickly and effectively store & retrieve large amounts of data.

5) They are very economical when saving information, for it can conserve a lot of space.

6) Computers occupy very little office space.

7) Computers help to reduce paper work significantly.

8) Computers are flexible:

A computer can perform a variety of jobs as long as there is a well-defined procedure.

9) Computers are cheap:

They can be used to perform a number of organizational functions/ activities, which are meant for individual persons, hence reducing the number of employees & the costs.

10) Computers enhance security & confidentiality:

Data stored in a computer can be protected from unauthorized individuals.

11) Have made communication easier.

12) Computers produce better information:

Computer output is usually tidy and error-free (accurate).

13) Computers reduce the problems of data or information duplication:

14) Computers can operate in risky environments, e.g. volcanic sites, dangerous chemical plants, where human life is threatened:


1) Computers are very costly in terms of purchase & maintenance.

2) Computers can only be used areas where there is source of power.

3) Requires skilled manpower to operate, i.e., one has to have some knowledge so as to operate a computer.

4) The records are usually kept in a form that is not visible or human-readable. This makes it difficult to control the contents of the computer’s master file.

5) A computer, like any other machine can break down.

6) Information stored in computers can easily get lost due to power interruptions or machine breakdown.

7) A computer doesn’t have its own intelligence, i.e., it cannot do any useful job on its own, but can only work as per the set of instructions issued.

8) Installation of computers causes retraining or retrenchment of staff/ employees.

9) The computer technology is changing very fast such that the already bought computers could be made obsolete/ out dated in the next few years.

In addition, this rapid change in the computer technology makes computers & related facilities to become outdated very fast, hence posing a risk of capital loss.

10) The emergence of computers has increased the rate of unemployment since they are now being used to perform the jobs, which were done by human beings.

11) Computers have led to increase in computer crimes especially in Banks. The computer criminals steal large amounts of funds belonging to various companies by transferring them out of their company accounts illegally. In addition, they destroy vital data used in running the companies.

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