Computer Lab Rules

The computer Lab Rules and Regulations

The computer lab rules and regulations differ from one place to another, from one school to country, class or region. Computer labs in Kenya are no different in this criteria. A computer lab is a room set aside to enhance proper learning of computer studies and host the facilities needed to pursue the study.

Just like other labs, in the computer lab, accidents happen thus all students should respect and use the computer lab diligently to the benefit of all students and the school community. The following regulations are commonly used or pronounced when a computer lab has been put into place.

  1. Keep off foods and drinks
  2. Do not enter the computer lab with muddy shoes
  3. Do your work quietly
  4. Respect other students the same way you would like it to happen to you
  5. Do not send your work to the printer before consulting the computer lab management team
  6. Don't change the computer settings without permission from your teacher/management
  7. Organize your files neatly for easy retrieval
  8. Don't delete any files you are not sure of their originality
  9. Log off your computer and shut it down using the right procedure
  10. Save your work more often
  11. Keep the computer lab tidy and clean always
  12. Do not smoke in the computer lab
  13. There should be a maximum of two students per computer at the same time
  14. Do not access non-educational sites that do not comply with the school rules
  15. Do not move aimlessly in the computer Lab.
  16. Don't play computer games during lesson time

Note: Failure to uphold to the above rules may trigger necessary measures taken to the violator