The project all about developing school examination award system.

The school has two streams.

Offers three exams: opener, mid-term and end-term.

At the end of the term, the students are ranked based on the average of their totals in the three exams.

All students in form 1 and 2 take eleven subjects while those in 3 and 4 take eight subjects.

Every term top three are awarded book vouchers as follows:

Form 2 1,300/- 1,000/- 700/-

Form 3 1,600/- 1,200/- 800/-

Form 4 2,000/- 1,500/- 1,000/-

The most improved student in each class is a badge and a book voucher of a value equivalent to that awarded to position 2 in their class. to determine the most improved get the difference between opener and mid-term totals and between mid-term and end-term totals.

Students who leave the school before end of the term are not considered for awards. Those who join the school after some exams have been taken are considered for awards on the basis of the examinations taken.

At the end of each term students are issued with a report form for the three examinations. Students who score a termly average below 40% are required to attend remedial classes.

At the end of the year, students the highest annual average score for the year in form 2 and form 3 have their fees for the subsequent year waived. The stream with the highest mean annual score in the entire school and their class teacher are sponsored for a trip.

Develop a well-documented computerized system to:

1. Capture the appropriate data

2. Perform the required computations.

3. Generate :

-class lists

-report forms

-a list of students who;

· Are awarded book vouchers

· Are awarded badges

· Are required to attend remedial classes

· Have their fees waived

· Will go for a trip and their accompanying class teacher.

- Merit list

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