Post date: 22-Feb-2014 06:17:02

Here you will try to write something that shows you understand what the project is all about. In summary form show the examiner what you are supposed to do. example:

Processing of examinations in schools has never been easier. This is a task that consumes human labor and working hours uncertainly. This project is all about putting all that to the end. Its an examination award system that computes students marks with a prowess of ranking and sorting to make work easier. This system will oversee that the following queries have solutions.

  1. This system will input three examinations namely: Opener, Mid-Term and End Term
  2. At the end of the term, students are ranked according to the average of the three exams
  3. Its able to compute eleven subjects for form 1 and 2 and eight subjects for form 3 and 4
  4. Its able to sort students according to their performance in consideration for awards that will be issued at the end of the term and year
  5. Able to issue report forms

With all these captured in one program, computing of exam marks will take less time than expected.

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