2. Decimal number system

Post date: 01-Jul-2014 04:46:15

Decimal number system

  • Decimal number system has ten digits ranging from 0-9. And because this system has 10 digits it’s called a base 10 number system or denary number system.
  • A decimal number should always be written with a subscript 10 e.g. X10 but because it’s the most commonly used number system in the world, the subscript is ignored. However in this topic, its necessary to denote the subscript because we are dealing with various number systems.


  • The magnitude of a number system is evaluated using three parameters namely:

1. Absolute value

2. Place value or positional value

3. Base value

The absolute value

  • is the magnitude of a digit. For example: in a number 67948 digit 9 has a value of 9 so, 9 is the absolute value

The place value

  • of a digit in a number refers to the position of the digit making the number. for example: the place value of 9 in a number 67948 is hundreds

The base value

  • of a number is also known as the radix. Since 67948 is a decimal or a 10 number system, it can be written as 6794810. Where subscript 10 is referred as the radix or base value.
  • This kind of number system is what we mostly use in our daily lives


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