5. Development of computers Questions

Post date: 06-Nov-2014 09:24:22

Review Questions.

1. Briefly describe the history of computers.

2. (a). What do you mean by computer generations?

(b). Describe the FIVE generations of computers in terms of technology used and give an

example of a computer developed in each generation.

(c). Compare computer memory sizes during the Five computer generation periods.

3. What was the most remarkable discovery during the second computer generation?

4. (a). Technology is the basis of computer classification. Based on this, explain briefly the

difference between the first three computer generations.

(b). What is so peculiar in the fourth and fifth generation of computers?

5. Match the following generations of computers with the technology used to develop them.

6. Give four characteristics of First generation computer.

7. Write the following abbreviations in full:

(a). ENIAC

(b). VLSI

(c). IC

8. What is Artificial Intelligence?