6. Application Software Questions

Post date: 09-Nov-2014 16:48:01

Exercise I.

1. (a). What do you mean by Application software?

(b). Describe the main forms of Application software.

Exercise (a)

1. (a). Briefly discuss the two broad categories of software.

(b). Giving examples, name 3 different types of computer programs found on a typical

computer systems.

2. Give 4 examples of System software and Applications software.

3. Why do people prefer special–purpose applications (developed applications) to general-purpose applications (bought off-the-shelf)?

4. Give THREE factors to consider when choosing an Application package.

Exercise (b).

1. (a). What is a program?

(b). Outline the difference between the two classes of programs.

2. Outline the range and functions of Application programs.

3. Name FIVE programs which can be classified as ‘Application programs’.

4. What are Text Editors and where are they most commonly used?

5. (a). What are Spreadsheets?

(b). Name THREE commonly used spreadsheet packages.

6. (a). What are Database management system software?

(b). Give 3 examples of database software.

7. (a). List four categories of Graphics packages.

(b). State some of the essential features of a Graphics package.

(c). Give THREE examples of the most commonly used Presentation Graphics package.

8. What is Desktop Publishing? How does it differ from Word processing?

9. State one computer software used in industrial systems. Give examples.

10. (a). What is Multimedia?

(b). State any four devices of a computer that can be classified under Multimedia devices.

(c). List four applications of multimedia programs.

(d). What are the minimum hardware requirements to run multimedia applications?

11. What are communication software used for?

12. (a). What are the advantages of e-mail?

(b). What is a browser and what is it used for?

13. What are Software Suites? Give the advantages of using suites?

Exercise (c).

1. Briefly distinguish between System Software and Application Software.

2. (a). What are Application packages?

(b). Identify FIVE types of Application software that may be installed in a microcomputer.

Briefly explain what each type of software you have listed does, and give two examples where necessary.

(c). List THREE advantages and disadvantages of general-purpose application software as

compared to the other forms of applications.

3. Name FOUR major application packages. Outline four features of each.

4. List the advantages and disadvantages of Integrated packages/Software Suites over Standard packages.


1. List 8 things that the purchaser of software might require as part of the purchase.