9. The Computer Lab Questions

Post date: 10-Nov-2014 09:50:31

Review Questions.

1. List down THREE safety precautions one should observe when entering a Computer laboratory.

2. Why must foods and beverages be kept out of the computer room?

3. Discuss TWO main causes of fire or accidents in the computer laboratory and give the precautions that should be taken to guard against them.

4. (a). Give Six safety precautions you should take when handling diskettes.

(b). Where should the arrow on a diskette point when being inserted into the floppy drive.

5. List THREE things that can spoil a Printer if they are not of the correct specification, and explain what damage may be caused.

6. Why are powder based and water-based fire extinguishers not allowed in the computer room?

7. Identify three facilities that will ensure proper ventilation in a room.

8. Give THREE reasons why it is important to regularly service the computer.

9. Explain precisely how the Keyboard, mouse, and other Input devices should be arranged to avoid strain while working on the computer.

10. (a). What name is given to alternative sources of power in a computer.

(b). Name any THREE sources of power in a computer system.

11. State two reasons why a computer needs to be connected to a stable power supply.

12. State two functions of the UPS.

13. State two reasons that are likely to cause eye-strain in the computer room.

14. Identify three proper sitting postures while using the computer.