4. System Software Questions

Post date: 01-Nov-2014 10:26:11

Exercise I.

1. (a). Define System software.

(b). Name and explain the main categories of system software.

(c). Name THREE programs which can be classified as ‘System programs’

2. Write short notes on the following:

(a). Text editor.

(b). Linker.

(c). Loader.

3. (a). What is a Programming language?

(b). Identify the various types of programming languages.

Exercise II.

1. Describe a Firmware.

2. What is an Operating System?

3. (a). What is meant by ‘Machine language’?

(b). What is the difference between machine and Assembly language?

4. (a). Most computer programming is carried out using High-level or Third generation

languages. What is a High-level language?

(b). Name THREE popular High-level programming languages.